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Not every production is the same.

Many years of experience has taught us that you need to adapt to every possibility to create the most value. That is why CoWelder is more than a product — it’s a concept.

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Discover CoWelder benefits

Increase your arc time

Weld all your workpieces in the fastest way possible. Finish more in the same time span and improve productivity.

Scale your production as needed

Adjust the production to your orders. Weld small or large batches, weld often or rarely recurring tasks or upscale and downscale quickly when necessary.

Ensure uniform high quality

Increase repeatability and be able to produce simple welded workpieces that are completely identical. Always deliver uniform welds in a high quality.

Free your welders

Minimise monotonously repeated work and let the cobot take over the dull routine jobs. Utilie the know-how of your skilled welders for the complicated tasks instead.

Double your workspace

Prepare a workpiece on one side while the robot is welding on the other side.

Extended working radius

Cover more ground and weld more and bigger workpieces.

Turn workpieces around

Manipulate workpieces into the optimal position for speed and quality.

Make perfectly rounded welds

Get perfectly rounded welds with just one start/stop.