Improve the working environment with CoWelder

The CoWelder relieves the welders in your production and contributes to a better working environment. It carries out all the tiring, repetitive movements that cause muscle fatigue and physical strain. Moreover, welders avoid being exposed to direct radiation and welding fumes.

The CoWelder also helps increase your welders’ motivation and job satisfaction because the robot releases welders for more complex welding assignments. Ultimately, the robot contributes to improving productivity and results.

The CoWelder is not designed to replace manual labour. It optimises work processes in close collaboration with welders.

Relieved of exhausting work

Without CoWelder, your welder may get back pains when welding in awkward positions in order to get the work done. Eventually he/she may need sick days and even treatment.

With CoWelder your welder is comfortably watching the CoWelder carrying out the back-busting runs, while the next workpiece is prepared.

smed t kristiansen

Welding can be hard work, especially when our welders are working on large batches. These assignments entail similar motions and static positions over long periods of time, which can be quite tough physically. With the CoWelder, our welders are relieved from this kind of work, which has remarkably improved their working environment.”

Svein W. Kristiansen, general manager of Smed T. Kristiansen AS, Norway

The welder avoids welding fumes

Electric arc welding generates welding fumes and UV radiation. Inhalation of welding fumes can cause short-term discomfort but in the long term, exposure may be harmful to the welder. That is why use of ventilation and respiratory protective equipment is indispensable. However, to simply not be near the weld pool will always be the best way to eliminate the risk of inhaling welding fumes.

Luckily, the CoWelder doesn’t mind.

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