MigaWeld is a Migatronic developed sofware that runs on all our CoWelders. The inituitive software displayed on the teach pendant, enables the welder to make new welding programs for the robot and adjust a wide range of welding parameters for the arc. With MigaWeld it is easy to setup a welding path for the robot, adjust welding parameter, and let the robot do the rest.

MigaWeld is a Migatronic developed URcap. URcap is another word for platform, developed by Universal Robots, where intergrators can run their own UR robot application for the end user.

MigaWeld on UR5e and UR10e

CoWelder functions

Through MigaWeld the welder gets access to our three primary CoWelder functions.

  • Offset (Copy and offset identical weldingprograms)
  • Weaving (Make V-Seams, utilizing a zig-zag motion)
  • Sport Welding (Make spot welding without make each spot as one weld)

Compatible with Miga Smart Tool

With Miga Smart Tool, it is now possible to program weld seams and movements directly on the robot arm. Use the bottons to register welding spots and desired movements and experience how significaly easier and faster it is to program new welds compared to using MigaWeld on the teach pendants touch screen. Your working procedure will be more efficient and save you valuable time.

Easy and quick
With the programming buttons on the robot’s flange the operator inserts one or more welding points and movements. It makes it both significantly easier and faster to program all kinds of welds and you can save precious time in welding production.

Miga Smart Tool functions

  • Freedrive (The robot can be pulled / moved by pushing it with your hand.)
  • Air point (Create movements that are with the arc off.)
  • Linear welding point (Instruct the CoWelder to weld along a linear path.)
  • Circular welding point (Show CoWelder where to weld along a circular path.)
  • Feed wire
  • Retract wire
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