Polyscope (Robot interface)

Polyscope is the robot user interface which operates the robot arm. The graphical user interface developed by Universal robots controls the robot arm and executes the installed URcaps. On CoWelder we use our two Migatronic developed URcaps MigaWeld and MigaAxis which in collaboration with polyscope enables the welder to control the welding path and parameters. All our UR5cb and UR10cb robotarms operates with Polyscope version 3.0, while on the UR5e and UR10e, a newer version is installed, Polyscope version 5.0.

Polyscope 3.0

User-interface for all our UR5cb and UR10cb models.


Polyscope 5.0

User-interface for all our UR5e and UR10e models.

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