Sigma Select 400 SW

Separate wire feed unit. Water cooled

Sigma Select is a high-performance MIG/MAG welding machine. It is designed for dedicated manufactures and sub-suppliers of all sizes who must deliver high quality welds. With an efficient and powerful Sigma Select in your CoWelder solution, you will be able to accept the most complicated welding assignments.

CoWelder track solutions require a separate wire feed unit.


Sigma Select is upgradable
With Sigma Select, you will always be able to adjust your welding setup to match any changes in demand. Simply upgrade the welding machine with new programs or functions.

Benefit from a great welding performance
Sigma Select shows an amazing welding performance with great start-stop abilities. That is fundamental for carrying out the best quality weld seams with CoWelder. It delivers a stable and focused arc and has an impressive duty cycle; 400 A at 60%/20°C.

Keep cool with water cooling
Water cooling will keep the torch cooled for as long as you need. You can weld as many meters per day as your tasks require and keep productivity level at an absolute maximum. The performance of your CoWelder will not be limited by an overheated torch. That is great if you intent to use CoWelder for many arc hours every day or if you have components with long welds.


  • Synergic DC
  • 5m interconnection cable
  • MWF30 wire feed unit
  • Automat torch
  • Trolley
  • Graphic Remote
  • 3m earth cable
  • 1 set of wire feed rolls
  • Program Package: Standard
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