Extend the lifetime of your CoWelder

Ensure operational reliability and get peace-of-mind. Select spare parts for your own stock and extend the warranty of the UR robot.

Spare parts stocking

Avoid stock-outs – save 25% on selected relevant spare parts when ordered with a new CoWelder

When you always have spare parts in stock, you need not to worry about long delivery time. At the same time, you avoid expensive emergency shipments. In that way, you can shorten potential downtime and quickly be back in business.

We recommend that you have your critical or commonly used spare parts in stock, so you can ensure operational reliability and safety of your production.

For further information, please contact your local Migatronic office.

You get 25 % discount on each spare part when you purchase them together with a new CoWelder.

Extended warranty

Save 50% on extended warranty for the UR robot arm when ordered with a new CoWelder

Extended warranty will give you extra coverage because you are safe from unexpected repair costs. Go for 1 year extended warranty and secure peace-of-mind.

When you extend the warranty with 1 year, you get a total of 2 years warranty on the UR robot.

We refer to Universal Robot’s warranty conditions for extended warranty period for the UR robot. For more information, see full conditions of warranty

You get 50% discount on the extended warranty when you purchase it togehter with a new CoWelder with either a Plus or Premium Service Package.

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