Pi 350 AC/DC

Water cooled.

This high-performance TIG-inverter is designed for the most demanding welding assignments. It is indispensable for the most passionate manufacturers and sub-suppliers of all sizes who must deliver high quality welds, e.g. in the processing industry. With AC, you can deliver a perfect finish in aluminium materials.


Powerful performance

With Pi 350 in your CoWelder solution, your will experience the maximum level of power and control. With 350 amps, high duty cycle and many adjustments possibilities, you will be able to deliver the best TIG-welds in the industry.

Pulse function

Using the pulse function, you can prevent damaging your steel and minimise your error rate. Weld in thin plate thickness and sheet metal and keep great control of the weld pool. The low heat input lowers the risk of damaging the steel.

Cold wire feeder

The cold wire feeder with four-roll wire feed system is a separate unit designed specifically for setups with automatic devices. It is a reliable system that guarantees stable and precice feeding of welding wire for your TIG-welding tasks.


  • Water cooling
  • CWF (Cold Wire Feed)
  • AD 250 TIG welding torch
  • 4m hose AD 250
  • Flow control
  • Hand/slide CWF
  • Canplug
  • 3m earth cable
  • 1 set of wire feed rolls for CWF
  • Carbon liner
  • RCI (Robot Control Interface)
  • Fieldbus module Profinet
Technical data

Welding machine
Current range 5-350 A
Fuse type C 25 A
Mains current, effective. 17.3 A
Mains current, max. 22.7 A
Efficiency 0.88
Open circuit voltage 95 V
Protection class IP 23
Application class CCC
Standards EN/IEC60974-1. EN/IEC60974-2. EN/IEC60974-3. EN/IEC60974-10.
Dimensions (H x W x L) 980 mm × 545 mm × 1090 mm
Weight 72 kg

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