Table System 16 – 1500×1000


Siegmund Professional 750.

The extremely durable welding table from Siegmund will refine your CoWelder solution. You will have a great working table that makes your daily handling of components and fixtures easy and efficient.

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Extremely durable
The Siegmund welding table has a strong surface texture which makes it resistant to impacts and corrosion. It is extremely durable and has a long service life.

Easy handling of fixtures
Holes and measurements on the welding tables enables efficient and precise handling of fixtures.

Great for doubling your workspace
Use this large welding table for CoWelder track solutions with two workspaces. You can prepare a workpiece on one side while the robot is welding in the next room.

Technical data

Length 1500 mm
Height 850 mm
Height of table side 100 mm
Weight 257
Number of legs 4
Boreholes Ø 16 mm
Borehole spacing 50 mm
Material thickness 11,5-13 mm
Table legs height 750 mm
Carring capacity 1000 kg
Fine adjustment 50 mm
Width 1000 mm
Turntable Power Supply 220-240 V AC/10A
Speed of rotation 0,05-15 turns./min – set via Teachpendant
Compatibility UR5, UR10, UR10 E equip by MigaWeld
Max. weight horizontal (Fh) 250 kg
Max weight vertical (Fv) 150 kg
Tilting movement 0 - 90°
Centre height 365 mm
Face chuck Ø 62 mm
Centre hole Ø 360 mm
Turntable weight 140 kg
Table legs
Fine adjustment 50 mm
Carring capacity 1000 kg
Table legs height 750 mm


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