We commit to welding

Migatronic is a Danish development and manufacturing company dedicated to welding. We design and produce highly effective welding machines that are intuitive to use.

Our welding machines represent the latest and greatest, in regards to both software and hardware – all of which are developed in Denmark to Scandinavian standards through more than 50 years.


At the forefront of welding technology

We develop intelligent technology for manual welding and automated solutions for ambitious companies around the world.

We focus on optimising welding processes to make our customers’ welding production more efficient. CoWelder is great example of this.

Better welds is better business

Our goal is to empower welders and make it easier to accomplish better welds – no matter the task or environment.

This means improved quality and performance, and in that way, users of Migatronic welding equipment stay competitive.

Unique and intelligent functions

Our intelligent welding functions make it easier for welders to carry out otherwise complicated welds.

Our proprietary software automatically controls the welding arc, and helps to increase welding speed, eliminates weld spatter and improves the overall quality of each weld.

Experts, also in automated welding

When the need for productivity increases, and an automated welding solution is the next step, we uncover the core needs.

Based on that proces, we design, build and service anything from collaborative welding robots to large, complex, tailored automated welding solutions.

What our customers are saying

Weld your workpieces in the optimum and fastest way possible. Finish more in the same time span, increase productivity and reduce production cost per workpiece.


Migatronic’s high performance and user-friendly welding machines are decisive for our ability to carry out the increasingly complex tasks for our customers.

We are very satisfied with Migatronic welding machines and their advanced technological features, significant durability and exceptional performance.NORDIC STEEL FORCE

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