Clamping System

Set 2 – System 16

Clamping set for use with Sigmund tables System 16.

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A clamping set is a tool used to secure and hold workpieces in place during machining operations. In the context of
Sigmund tables System 16, which are a type of modular workholding system used in precision machining, a clamping
set is essential for ensuring accurate and repeatable positioning of workpieces.

The Sigmund System 16 consists of a grid of precisely machined holes on a base plate, onto which modular fixturing
components can be mounted. These components include clamps, stops, and supports, which are used to hold and
position workpieces during machining.

To use the Sigmund System 16 effectively, a clamping set is needed to secure the workpiece to the base plate. The
clamping set typically includes a set of clamps, bolts, and T-slot nuts that are used to attach the workpiece to
the base plate.

The clamps are designed to fit into the holes on the base plate, and the T-slot nuts are used to secure the bolts
that hold the clamps in place. This allows for a secure and rigid connection between the workpiece and the base
plate, which is essential for precision machining operations.

Overall, the use of a clamping set with the Sigmund System 16 is crucial for achieving accurate and repeatable
results in precision machining applications.

Set contains

  • 6x 160610 – Professional Screw Clamp ‐ burnished / nitrided
    Professional Screw Clamp, enables fast, powerful and exact clamping with a variety of welding elements. Achieve maximum efficiency through time-saving, quick adjustments and effortless disassembly.
  • 2x 160630 – Professional Screw Clamp 45°/90° ‐ burnished
    The Professional Screw Clamp 45°/90° replaces conventional 45° or 90° screw clamps. This Screw Clamp sets new standards because of its infinitely variable rotatability from 0°-360°.
  • 4x 160645.1.N – Vario Prism Ø50 90°/120° with screwed-in collar ‐ nitrided
    Vario Prism Ø 50, suitable for both rounded and 45° twisted square pipes with a diameter up to 80 mm, due to its 90° and 120° angles. In addition, the prism can be universally used for all 16 mm boreholes.
  • 18x 160511 – Fast Clamping Bolt without slot double ‐ burnished
    This bolt comes without the slot for O-rings. This ensures a smooth surface of the bolt body. The bolt without slot is particularly suitable for clamping aluminum profiles and is also still compatible with the entire Siegmund range.The fast clamping bolt with twistlock is the ideal connecting element between Siegmund components.
  • 4x 160410.N – Universal Stop 80 L ‐ nitrided
    Universal Stop 80 L, individually adjustable through the elongated hole within a range of 0-50 mm.
  • 6x 160420.N – Universal Stop 115 L ‐ nitrided
    Universal Stop 115 L, fixed or variably adjustable, due to the combination of elongated hole and system boreholes (adjustment range 0-50 mm). It is also appropriate for use with prisms and adapters.
  • 6x 160108.N – Stop and Clamping Square 90 X ‐ nitrided
    Stop and Clamping Square 90 X and 90 SL, applicable as a stop for large sections. In addition, it is compatible with all squares and can create a height-adjustable surface by clamping into the elongated hole.
  • 6x 160110.N – Stop and Clamping Square 90 L ‐ nitrided
    Stop and Clamping Square 90 L, can be utilized as a multifunctional adjustable angle, by combining system boreholes and elongated hole.
  • 2x 160162.N – Stop and Clamping Square 300 G ‐ nitrided
    Stop and Clamping Square 300 G, fixed and variably adjustable due to the combination of system boreholes and elongated hole. It can be used versatilely e.g. as table extension. This element is manufactured of high quality GGG40 ductile cast iron.
  • 1x 16399:
  • 1x 160402.N – Eccentric Stop Ø 75 with M10 thread ‐ nitrided
    Eccentric Stops, perfectly suited for infinite adjustment of elements by simply twisting them, with minimum space requirements.
  • 1x 160852 – Hex wrench Size 4
    Hex wrench 4, the practical tool to tighten bolts quickly and safely. The hex wrench 4 is perfect for clamping of clamping bolts and screw clamps.
  • 1x 160820 – Brush Ø 17 with protecting cover
    Brush with a diameter of 17 mm, especially developed for removing grime in 16 mm boreholes effortlessly.
  • 1x 160920 – Burner Holder ‐ burnished
    Burner Holder, can be positioned in each system borehole and offers an attachment for your welding burner.
  • 1x 0009111x 000921

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