CoWelder lifts efficiency through collaborative welding automation

Migatronic CoWelder is a collaborative welding robot — a semi-automated solution that works together with the welder in a shared workspace. Automate your welding processes in a simple, fast and easy way compared to industrial robots.


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Possibly the smallest and smartest automated welding solution on the market

Increase your arc time

Weld your workpieces in the optimum and fastest way possible. Finish more in the same time span, increase productivity and reduce production cost per workpiece.

Scale your production as needed

Adjust the production to your orders. Weld small or large batches, weld often or rarely recurring tasks or upscale and downscale quickly when necessary.

Create uniform high quality welds

Increase repeatability and weld completely identical workpieces. Always deliver uniform welds in a high quality.

Free your welders

Minimise monotonously repeated work and let the cobot take over the dull routine jobs. Utilise the knowhow of your skilled welders for the complicated tasks instead.


CoWelder is for almost everyone

With over 200 CoWelder solutions sold worldwide, it is exciting to discover all the creative ways our customers have put CoWelder to use.

Check out this small cross-section that shows the diverse usage and unique results our customers get with CoWelder.

VM Tarm A/S

CoWelder improves efficiency and welding quality of the production of 100+ different components and releases time for the operator to do other tasks.

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Kuhz Metallbau

Kuhz uses CoWelder to push the boundaries in the production.

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AB Furhoffs Rostfria

CoWelder increases productivity across a number of products, with “spectacular efficiency and high welding quality”

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L&S Technischer Handel

Delivery time cut in half after implementation of CoWelder into the production at L&S Technischer Handel.

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