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Seam Tracking for Welding Cobots: A Competitive Key to Cobot Welding

In the highly competitive manufacturing industry, production managers are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Robotic welding is very rewarding, but it is time-consuming and expensive if not done correctly. We have developed several different software functions for the collaborative welding robot CoWelder which improve the…

Seam Tracking for CoWelder is the process of following the seam along the joint during arc welding to ensure that it’s done accurately and consistently.

Unleash the Truth: Will Human Welders be Replaced by Cobots?

Welding is a skill that requires a lot of precision, strength, and concentration. It is no surprise that it has been an important part of many industries for decades. In recent years, however, robotics technology in manufacturing companies has been advancing rapidly. The new player in the field is collaborative…

CB vs. e-Series from Universal Robots for CoWelder: the number 1 best Comparison

Find out which robot you need for your collaborative robot CoWelder in this cobot arm comparison. The CB-series and the e-series of robots from Universal Robots almost look the same, but they are quite different. This cobot arm comparison will shead light on the differences and similaities. You can choose…

Tech pendant for UR cobot arm comparison

Welding environment with a cobot: Get a clean, safe and efficient workspace

Once, a lone welder conquered a mountain of tasks with nothing but his torch and skilled hands. In days gone by, the workshop resounded with constant clanking, while the air hung thick with fumes, a clear sign of the arduous labour being undertaken. Yet, we now witness an incredible leap…

Improve welding environment with a cobot

CoWelder: The Impressive No. 1 Collaborative Welding Robot

The CoWelder is an easy-to-program collaborative welding robot, designed by Migatronic. We have combined the best and latest welding technology with the most innovative robot technology. CoWelder is based on the Universal Robots platform of collaborative robots and our high-end welding machines and welding technology. What is a collaborative robot?…

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