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Package with all synergic Migatronic MIG welding programs. Standard in Sigma Select.

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Synergic welding programs are pre-set welding programs that automatically adjust the welding parameters to optimize performance and consistency. These programs are designed to work with specific materials, such as mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium, and provide the welder with a simplified method of selecting and setting the correct welding parameters.

Parameters such as voltage, wire feed speed, and amperage are matched to the workpiece and wire material to create the ideal welding conditions for that specific piece. The welder simply selects the appropriate program, and the welding machine takes care of the rest. Small adjustments such as voltage trimming is possible.

The benefits of using a synergic welding program include improved weld quality, increased productivity, and reduced operator error. By automating the welding process and eliminating the need for manual parameter adjustments, the operator can focus on other aspects of the welding process, such as maintaining proper torch position and monitoring the weld bead.

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Ensures deep penetration in thick plates.

Faster pulse welding - same neat result.



Save up to 9 different welding sequences. Standard in Sigma Select.

Construct the ideal arc for your specific welding tasks.

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