Spot welding

With Spot Welding, the insertion of spot welds is automated, eliminating the need for manual construction in the weld program. Simply input the spot weld length, number, start and end positions, and the robot accurately calculates the spacing and placement.

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Spot welding is an essential welding operation in which two or more metal pieces are temporarily joined together before the final welding operation. Traditionally, this process involves manually constructing each spot weld, which can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task.

However, the CoWelder offers a solution to this challenge with its advanced tack welding function. This function allows the operator or welder to program the robot to automatically insert spot welds, eliminating the need for manual construction.

To use the tack welding function, the operator inputs the length of the spot welds, the number of spots, and the start and end positions using the cobot’s teach pendant. The robot then calculates the distance between the spots and places them precisely on the workpiece, ensuring consistent and accurate placement.

The benefits of the CoWelder’s tack welding function are numerous. By automating the spot welding process, the operator can save time and reduce the risk of errors caused by manual construction. Additionally, the precise placement of the spot welds ensures a stronger and more reliable weld, which is essential for high-quality welding operations.

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