Touch Sensing

With Touch Sensing, the CoWelder adjusts the position of the torch before it starts welding by physically touching the workpiece. The result is a more consistent weld and fewer defects, if slight deviations appear in workpieces for a specific weld item.

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Introducing Touch Sensing for CoWelder – a game-changer for industrial welding.

This advanced technology enables robots to adapt it’s movements to each workpiece, ensuring precise welds. By detecting changes in the workpiece’s position and surface, you make sure that each weld is perfect.

Say goodbye to long setup times, as our system adjusts without manual intervention, saving time and costs.

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Apply a layer of material to another metal surface.

Easily create spot welds.

Automatic weld seam correction for MIG/MAG welding. Requires Weaving.

Automatic weld seam correction for TIG welding.

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