With Cladding, it is possible to use CoWelder for easily adding a layer of material onto the base material. This layer can serve various purposes, such as enhancing the material's properties, protecting against corrosion, or altering the appearance.

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One of CoWelder’s notable features is the ability to perform cladding, which involves adding a layer of welding material onto a base metal.

The cladding function of the CoWelder allows the operator to achieve a higher level of precision and control when applying welding material to the workpiece. The cobot moves the welding torch in a specific pattern, which ensures consistent coverage and prevents uneven buildup of welding material.

CoWelder’s cladding function represents a significant advancement in welding technology, offering improved precision, consistency, and efficiency in cladding operations.

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Ensures that the welding torch maintains the correct distance and angle relative to the workpiece.

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