With Offset, you can copy an entire workpiece. You only have to construct the workpiece once, and register the physical location of the next workpiece. The weld is then duplicated without you redoing all the steps. This time-saving function reuses settings and patterns for efficiency.

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The Offset function of the CoWelder is a powerful tool that streamlines the welding process by allowing the operator or welder to copy an entire work item with ease. This function is especially useful when welding multiple identical workpieces, as it eliminates the need to construct and mark all the points for each individual piece.

To use the Offset function, the operator or welder first constructs and marks all the points on the original work item using the cobot’s teach pendant. They then use the Offset function to copy the entire work item, including all of the marked points, to the desired number of workpieces.

The Offset function automatically adjusts the placement of the workpieces based on the desired spacing between them, ensuring that they are evenly spaced and aligned. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments and reduces the risk of errors caused by inconsistent spacing.

The benefits of the CoWelder’s Offset function are numerous. By enabling the operator or welder to copy an entire work item with ease, it saves time and reduces the risk of errors caused by manual construction. Additionally, the consistent spacing and alignment of the workpieces ensures a high-quality weld and reduces the need for post-welding adjustments.

Overall, the Offset function of the CoWelder is a valuable tool that offers improved efficiency, consistency, and quality in welding operations, especially when multiple identical workpieces need to be welded.

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