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The UR5e is a lightweight industrial collaborative robot by Universal Robots. Designed for precision, the UR5e is ideal for welding tasks that demand meticulous attention to detail.

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UR5e for Welding Applications

The UR5e, a product of Universal Robots, stands as a testament to the evolution of collaborative robots. This lightweight robot is particularly suited for welding applications that require precision and consistency.

Introduced in 2008 and continually improved upon, the UR5e is perfect for scenarios that demand a robot light enough to be integrated into existing production lines, such as on tables or within machines. With its ability to lift medium-sized objects and a reach that surpasses the average worker’s arm by 200 mm, the UR5e is invaluable for tasks that are beyond the reach of your workforce.

Moreover, the UR5e is energy efficient, consuming an average of 200 Watts, equivalent to a gaming console. This ensures that while your welding processes are powered up, the electricity consumption remains low. Its built-in safety features, including force-sensing technology and collision detection, guarantee a safe working environment, making additional safety barriers redundant.

Technical Specifications

  • Reach: 850 mm / 33.5 in
  • Payload: 5 kg / 11 lbs
  • Footprint: 149 mm
  • Weight: 18.4 kg / 45.4 lbs
  • Power Consumption: Average of 200 Watt

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