The UR10 CB3 is a robust industrial collaborative robot by Universal Robots. Designed for tasks requiring a longer reach and higher payload, the UR10 CB3 is especially suitable for welding applications.

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UR10 CB3 for Welding Applications

The UR10 CB3, a product of Universal Robots, is an advanced collaborative robot designed for tasks that require a longer reach and higher payload. With a reach of 1300 mm and a payload capacity of 10 kg, the UR10 CB3 is adept at handling a range of welding tasks with precision and efficiency.

Its six rotating joints offer flexibility, making it adaptable to various welding scenarios. The robot boasts a repeatability of ±0.1 mm, ensuring tasks are executed with high precision every time. Additionally, the UR10 CB3 is energy efficient, with a typical power consumption of 250W. Its built-in safety features and advanced adjustable safety functions ensure a safe working environment, eliminating the need for additional safety barriers.

Technical Specifications

  • Payload: 10 kg / 22 lbs
  • Reach: 1300 mm / 51.2 in
  • Degrees of Freedom: 6 rotating joints
  • Repeatability: ±0.1 mm / ±0.0039 in
  • Power Consumption: Min 90W, Typical 250W, Max 500W
  • IP Classification: IP54
  • Estimated Life: 35,000 hours
  • Footprint: Ø 190mm
  • Weight with Cable: 28.9 kg / 63.7 lbs

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