All the benefits of CoWelder — but Extended

The extended edition features a track and a turntable solution with unique benefits that will grow your business.

Additional equipment will give you many more applications and future-proof your production. The expansion of the working area and extension of the working radius enable welding of larger or more workpieces at a time.

Double your workspace

Prepare a workpiece on one side while the robot is welding next door.

Extended working radius

Cover more ground and weld more and bigger workpieces.

Turn workpieces around

Manipulate workpiece into the optimal position for speed and quality.

Make perfectly rounded welds

Get perfectly rounded welds with just one start/stop.


Consisting of bleeding edge technology, honed for efficiency

CoWelder’s core components are made of excellent technology. Fantastic welding capabilities mixed with the agility and safety of the collaborative robot simply lift all aspect of your welding production. With the track and turntable, you can tackle even more complex workpieces and increase efficiency.

Uncompromised welding

Top-of-the-line Migatronic welding machines are the core of CoWelder. Choose MIG/MAG or TIG welding proces.

Innovative robot technology

The robot arm is the innovative collaborative robot from one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers – Universal Robots.

Software assisted

Clever software functions lets you tackle the hardest challenges and speed up your welding workflow. 

Smoothly on track

Integrated track reaches farther. It increases your arc time and production capacity. This will increase your potential earnings.

Double your workspace

Divide and conquer

Split the large workspace surface into two workstations by putting up a dividing wall on the table. An operator and the CoWelder can now switch places. While CoWelder is welding a workpiece, another is being prepared next to it.


On track to higher productivity

Extend the effective reach of the robot arm. With an integrated track, you can move sideways along the welding table. It enables you to weld more identical workpieces at a time or bigger ones.


Spin to win

Complex workpieces might need to be turned back and forth during welding to achieve the optimal welding position.

A turntable can efficiently rotate workpieces to place them in the preferred position. That way, you avoid the complicated and risky welds like vertical up/down positions. You reduce the production time per workpiece and minimises the risk of failure.



Make perfectly rounded welds

Weld perfect circles

Optimise welding of workpieces that are completely round. Place them in the centre of the turntable and get perfectly rounded weld seams with just one start/stop – every time.

circles perfect squared


Best-in-class welding capabillities

CoWelder is created increase your welding capabilities. That is why CoWelder comes with top-of-the-line Migatronic welding machines.

background light green pattern

Sigma Select

No welding proces can match MIG/MAG welding. Neither when it comes to speed, efficiency or quality. Sigma Select is the right pairing for a MIG/MAG CoWelder.

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Sophisticated TIG welding power source – with cold wire feeding. When you need to TIG, PI 350 AC/DC is the perfect match for CoWelder.

software header

Welding software

Migatronic’s exclusive welding functions such as Power Arc Pulse and IAC and all synergic welding programs can be utilised with CoWelder.


Miga Smart Tool lets you guide the robot arm with your hands

Miga Smart Tool is a handy programming unit. The operator can program weld seams and movements directly from a control pad on the robot arm.

Watch the video to see how it works.

Miga Smart Tool functions

freedrive 2


The robot can be pulled / moved by pushing it with your hands.

airmode 2

Air point

Create movements that are with the arc off.

linearweld 2

Linear welding point

Instruct the CoWelder to weld along a linear path.

circularweld 2

Circular welding point

Show CoWelder where to weld along a circular path.


Clever functions lets you tackle different welds

With these function, you can face some common challenges without hesitating. It is a short cut to higher efficient use of CoWelder.


Fill a V-seam with a zig-zag motion.


Weld more identical workpieces.

Spot welding

Easily create spot welds.


Is CoWelder and your workpiece a match?

Are you wondering whether CoWelder can weld a specific workpiece? Let’s solve the mystery.

Send us a photo of your workpiece and a short description of material and plate thickness.

We will show it to one of our welding specialists and CoWelder experts. They will contact you as soon as possible for a casual chat about your workpiece.

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